Basen YouthBuild Academy is a non-profit youth development organization which provides education, counseling, and job skills to low-income young people between the ages of 16 to 24 who have dropped out of high school. The YouthBuild program has five components: construction, education, counseling, leadership, and graduate opportunity. There are currently 273 YouthBuild programs in the United States. The School was launched and continues to be supported by the national organization YouthBuild USA in response to California YouthBuild programs’ need for a robust high school diploma-based education option for their students. Because of the School’s partnership with local YouthBuild programs, YCSC’s students receive not only a great education and the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, but also counseling and social wrap-around services, job-training, community service opportunities, and leadership development. YCSC’s students are between 16-24 years old, yet they are allowed to re-enroll in the K-12 school because they are a part of a YouthBuild program.
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