Located in the South Bay of Los Angeles at the intersection of the I-405/San Diego & I-110/Harbor Freeways; two of Los Angeles’ and the country’s most important and well-travelled highways. This intersection sits half way between Newport Beach and UCLA and is only 12 miles from Downtown LA. Approximately 500,000 cars pass this intersection daily. More importantly is that within a radius of 10 miles, this property is surrounded by 10 million people and is America’s most populous county with an economy that generates over $1 trillion annually. Rand has three core commitments for this 19 acre project:

1) To become “LEEDS” (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) compliant: Fully “green” and self-sustaining with regards to water, solar power, all edible landscaping, organic buildings materials and probably the most important, the environmental aspect, which is the remediation/cleaning up of an otherwise unusable “brownfield” property. 2) To encourage, support & exceed local community and cultural standards: The actualized importance of community and culture via schools, church & related activities, athletic programs, creative/artist space, cultural activities including Hawaiian, Hispanic, Nigerian and others into a community gathering points along with musical performances. 3) To become financially viable as well as to enhance all those involved…investors, tenants and the surrounding neighborhood. The consortium says its research, based on surveys of 40 districts, shows that the prices those systems paid for ipads with the same features and design ranged from $367 http://pro-academic-writers.com/ to $499. Our targeted tenant market strategy is to build our primary commercial tenant space around one of two community groups: Charter schools and/or Commercial Technology-centric companies (creation of “Silicon South Bay”). The specific tenant-base will be surrounded by residential and retail space which support the core tenant group
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